Sunday 26 February 2012

London Reborn

We have been living outside of London for the last two years and have loved every minute of it. London is a fantastic city and it just keeps getting better. Of course the best part of London is its elegant 'Old Worldliness.' It is an architectural jewel graced with pomp and tradition. But it is much, much more than that. It is also glamorous, new age and fashion setting.  
When we first came through several decades ago, London was still a bit dreary. It has undergone a great metamorphisis, most of which has been in step with its rich tradition. We credit much of this for being Europeanized. I am sure the English would wince at the thought, but let's be honest - Milan design and cappuccino shops have turned this place around!

And please don't forget - there is much more to England than just London. Indeed, many would argue that the Cotswolds, Cornwall and Cambrideshire are much nicer places to spend one's time. Of course it is like comparing apples and oranges. If you live in the countryside it is great to get into London, just as the reverse is certainly true.