Saturday, 12 May 2012

Travel England - Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs are one of the most charming and distinctive features of English villages and countryside. They have an enchanting old world quality that transports you back to the days when hobbits ruled the shire.

Thatching is one of the oldest ways of roofing structures and has been a part of English buildings for centuries. There are over 100,000 such roofs in England whose advocates state provide weather insulation keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter as well as a historic rustic look that is desirable.

In England, thatch is usually made from wheat reeds, long straw or water reeds. When a thatch is laid in the traditional manner it lasts 40 to 50 years and requires little maintenance. Since the 1800s thatched roofs were a sign of poverty but within the last 30 years they have become a symbol of wealth, since they cost about sixty thousand pounds for an average size home.

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